Contemporary Research in India Volume 9 Issue 2 June. 2019

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A Study on Various Income and Employment Opportunities among The Rural
Households with Special Reference to Rural Non-Farm Sector in East Siang District,
Arunachal Pradesh

Mumtak Pertin, Sanjoy Das and A.K. Sahu


Screening of Native Trichoderma Spp. from Kerala Soils for Drought and High
Temperature Tolerance

Stella Doncy, P.P. and ReshmyVijayaraghavan


SDetermination of Ideal Planting Time and Establishment Method in Finger Millet
(Eleusine Coracana (L.) Gaertn) in Central Zone of Kerala

Anunayana T. John*, Dr. B. Ajithkumar, Dr. P. Lincy Davis, Dr. Laly John. C. and
Dr. Anitha S.


A Study on Personal Profile and Source of Information Used by the Sugarcane

Dr. Kumar Vishnu Gurav


Study of Wetting Pattern Under Drip Irrigation with Varying Discharge and Irrigation
Interval for The Soil of Dediapada

Sondarva, K. N., Jayswal, P. S., Hadiya J. V. and Dodiya V. R.


Identification of Sources of Resistance to Safflower Aphid (Uroleucon Compositae) and
Wilt (Fusarium Oxysporum)

V. B. Akashe, D. V. Indi, D. R. Murumkar, S. V. Khadtare, L. N. Tagad, S. K. Shinde,
H. N. Aiwale


Detecting Veterinary Drug Residues in Meat and Milk

Rajkishor Gogoi and D.C. Roy


Effect of Topping with Different Spacing on Yield, Economics and Quality of Deshi Cotton

Chavan. K . A., Mahajan. M. S. and Mhaske B. M


Distribution Pattern of Ovulations in Postpartum Mares Under Indian Subtropical Conditions: A Seven Years Retrospective Study

Suchitra B. R, Chandrashekara Murthy V, Dinesh N.M, Sudha G, Yathish H.M, Suguna Rao,
Girish Kumar V and Nagaraja B.N


Micrometeorological Approaches for Enhancing the Yield in Tomato in Central Zone of Kerala

C. Aswathy and B. Ajithkumar


Aerobic Microbial Floc - An Efficient Biochemical System in Future Aquaculture

Susitharan. V, Abisha Juliet Mary. S. J and Dhayanath M


Impact of Air Pollution and its Implications – A Study

SS. Ambili and Dr. S. Gandhimathi**


Critical Study of Kiran Desai’s Novels with Special Emphasis on the Inheritance of Laws and Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

Dr. Ajeet Singh, Shalini Sharma


Occupational Disorder in Shalyatantra with Special Reference Tocarpal Tunnel Syndrom

Dr. Jyoti Agrawal and Dr. Nitin Urmaliya


A Study on Factors Influencing the Consumer Buying Behaviour with Reference to Life Insurance Products



A Critical Analysis of Sense Organs (Indriyas) as Reflector of Mind

Dr. Shubha. K. S., Dr. Anand. V and Dr. Nitin Urmaliya


Behavioural Pschycology: A Concept of Ayurvedic Well Being through Achar Rasayana

Dr. Shweta Mishra and Dr. Nirmal Kumar


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De Nature of Environment A Prime Concern in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger at a Discussion

L. Sreevani and Dr. Gulam Tariq


Teacher as a Facilitator in Developing the Emotional Quotient

R. V. Patil, R. S. Patil, M. S. Pawar and R. K. Rathod


Ethical Values in Ecophilosophy

Dr. Ramakrishna G.


Studies on Preparation of Egg Balls

R. S. Patil, M. S. Pawar, and R. K. Rathod