Agriculture Section

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Dr. Deepak Nanaware
    MA, MBA, SET, Dip. in Mass Comm. and Journalism, PhD
    Associate Professor and Head, DAV College of Commerce, Solapur

    Principal Editor (Agricultural Section)

    Dr. J. D. Jadhav
    Agro Meteorologist and Principal Investigator of NICRA and TSP Project, AICRPAM, ZARS, Solapur (MS)

    Advisers and Editorial Board Members for 2017-18
    Dr. A. M. Shaikh,
    AAU, Anand

    Dr. Narayansingh Solanki
    Professor of Agronomy, Udiapur

    Andhra Pradesh:
    Dr. P. Vijaykumar
    Project Coordinator, CRIDA, Hyderabad

    Dr. Anilkumar,
     Assistant Scientist, Haryana

    Dr. Prabhjyot Kaur
    Senior Agro Meteorologist, School of Climate Change and Agricultural Meteorology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiyana, Punjab

    Dr. Bondita Goswami
    Junior Scientist, Dept. of Agro Meteorology, Assam Agricultural University, Assam

    Dr. abdul Sattar
    Agro Meterologist
    Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa, Bihar

    Himachal Pradesh:
    Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Himachal Pradesh

    Jammu and Kashmir:
    Dr. Mahendar Singh
    Sr.Scientist and Agro Meterologist,
    Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Jammu, Main Campus, Chatta, J and K

    Dr. Shiv Ramu
    Professor and Head, University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore

    Dr. H. Venkatesh
    Principal Scientist & Agro Meteorologist, University of Agriculture, Dharwad

    Dr. B. Ajitkumar
    Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of Agri Meterology,
    College of Horticulture, Kerala Agriculture University, Vellanikkekava

    Madha Pradesh
    Dr. K. K. Agarwal

    Dr. M. S. Mane
    Head, Soil & Water Conservation Department,
    Balabasheb Sawant Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli

    Dr. Anil Karnnakar
    Senior Scientist, Agronomy, Dr. PDKV, Akola

    Dr. Prashant Pagar
    Senior Scientist, College of Agriculture,

    Dr. K. K. Dakore
    Senior Scientist, Dr. Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani

    Tamil Nadu:
    Dr. A. Solaimalai
    Associate Professor, Department of Fruit Crops, Horticulture College & Research Institute,

    Utter Pradesh
    Dr. C. B. Singh
    Tech Assistant,  CNS University, Kanpur

    West Bengal
    Dr. Saon Banerjee
    Professor, Department of Agriculture Metrology & Physics,
    Faculty of Agriculture, BCKV, Manopur, Nadia, West Bengal

    Dr. Shinde Vishwanath A., Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Solapur
    Dr. V. B. Akashe, Sr. Entomologist, AICRP on Saff Flower, Solapur
    Dr. D. B. Indi, Sr. Pathologist, AICRP, Solapur
    Dr. Surve U. S., Sr. Scientist, Agronomy, Dept of Agronomy, MPKV, Rahuri
    Dr. Gaikwad U. S., Jr. Scientist, Dept. of Animal Husbandry, MPKV, Rahuri
    Er. S. K. Upadhye, Jr. Scientist, Soil and Water Conservation, ORP, Solapur
    Dr. Ravandal P. U., Jr. Agronomist, College of Agriculture, Kolhapur
    Dr. Sonawane D. A., Sr. Scientist, Agronomy, College of Agriculture, Pune
    Dr. Kharbade S. B., Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry, MPKV, Rahuri
    Er. Gavit B. K., Jr. Scientist, Soil Water, MPKV, Rahuri
    Dr. Shinde H. R., Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture, Kolhapur
    Dr. Dhumal Sangram, Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture, Kolhapur
    Dr. Bhosale Sanjay, Associate Professor, College of Agriculture, Pune
    Dr. Dhurgude Anil, Associate Professor, Soil Science, MPKV, Rahuri
    Dr. Satpute Sachin, Field Supervisor, Sangli
    Dr. Pokharkar V. G., Assistant Professor, MPKV, Rahuri
    Dr. Bhakare B. D., Associate Professor, MPKV, Rahuri
    Dr. Deore S. A. College of Agriculture, Dhule

    Submission Guidelines for the authors:
    Authors are requested to follow following guidelines apart from peer review process before they proceed to the submission of the manuscript for publication.

    • Typographic requirements: page size: letter (8.5*11 inch), font: Times new Romans, Font size: 12 for inner matter  (for title: 14 Times New Roman Bold)  space between two lines: 1.15 side margins: left, right, top and bottom: 0.7
    • Author Details: Name of the author should be clearly mentioned along with designation, department/section, name of the Institution, city and country. In case of more than one author it is compulsory to mention number wise sequence of the author and co author/s (Author 1, author 2 ……)
    • Membership of the journal for authors is obligatory for the publication of papers.
    • Title of the Manuscript: It should be precise stating objective of the article but not lengthy, vague or overloaded with unnecessary and generalized terms deviating from major objective of the article.
    • Components/parts of the manuscript:
    • Title of the Manuscript
    • Names of the author/s
    • Abstract: It should concisely state major findings related to manuscript
    • Introduction: It should primarily cover the topic with necessary introductory statements avoiding lengthy elaborations
    • Materials and Method: This should be strictly in tune with the objectives of the articles
    • Result and Discussions: Results should be outlined with in relation with material mentioned in the article.
    • Acknowledgement may be given as per necessary.
    • Tables should be given as per genuine requirement of the data; table should be properly structured, heading and short in size. Unnecessary explanation of the table in the paragraph form should be avoided except requirement.
    • Figures, graph, diagrams should be neatly drawn preferably in black and white colour.
    • References: References should be given in alphabetical manner properly punctuated detailing page number, year of publication, title of book/ article, place and name of the publisher. The name of the reference should begin with surname followed by initials.
    • Ethical guidelines should be carefully read out.
    • It is presumed that you have read ethical guidelines, plagiarism instructions, originality statement, copyright statement, open access policy of the journal and agree to the terms, conditions and policy of the journal.
    • After verifying all the details and following precise word restrictions of the words, you may forward manuscript to official email id. The submission of article, the author will be communicated about successful receipt of the manuscript.
    • The article is published after strict peer-review process. The author agrees to update manuscript or remarks of the reviewer/s.
    • In case of typographical errors, poor language structure or editing related issues, we provide similar services; however, in case of major changes or editing, the author will be charged separately.
    Any attempt of plagiarism or unethical practices on part of author to influence referee or editorial team will be treated as an attempt to malpractice will be taken seriously.